Andres Rodriguez, M.D.

A transplant from Bogota, Colombia, via Michigan, Connecticut, and Illinois, Dr. Andres Rodriguez relocated to Tallahassee in 1994 from Chicago, where he served on the faculty of the University of Chicago Hospital's Gastroenterology section.

Dr. Rodriguez specializes in gastrointestinal disorders, but has two distinct concentrations: inflammatory bowel disease and liver disease. "What interests me about both of these areas is that they are fast-developing," he says. "It is an opportunity to apply new techniques and see patients responding to new treatments. Still, both have mysterious causes, and that creates fertile ground for a physician's innovation as well."

Dr. Rodriguez also places high emphasis on patient education. "In GI disease, the patient has a lot of effect on their own symptoms,” he says. "Lifestyle and diet are key factors. The fact that a patient can take an active role in their treatment is one of the most important factors that separate GI from other health specialties,” he says. "Patient education is vital because minor symptoms can make a major difference. For example, with early diagnosis, colon cancer is treatable, but if not diagnosed early, it can be fatal.".