Colon Cancer Symptoms

Early screening is vital for detecting colon cancer as most early colon cancers have no symptoms. Rectal bleeding is currently the most common presenting symptom for those with colon cancer.

Other symptoms include:

  • Blood in stool or on stool
  • Sudden abdominal pain
  • Change in normal bowel habits

Are you at Risk?

Over 50

93% of cases of colon cancer occur in individuals over the age of 50 with the average age of developing colon cancer is 70. If you have no other risk factors, it is recommended you begin getting screened at age 50.

Family History

If you have two more first-degree relatives with colon cancer, your risk of getting colon cancer is between three to six times higher than the normal population.

Uterus or Ovary Cancer

Although men are more likely to get colon cancer at an earlier age, women that have been diagnosed with cancer of the endometrium or ovarian cancer are at an increased risk of getting colon cancer.